Hi guys! I want to let you know about my latest project and invite you to visit! It is a new online marketplace called Hypelifer. My partner Sasha and I have decided to launch this internet marketplace to have yet another business. Let me tell you about it:

What is Hypelifer?
Hypelifer.com is a place for cool and unique finds and also, luxury items. You’ll never give a boring gift again with our never ending list of amazing products. Find all kinds of appealing and rare products, such as action figures, electronics, musical instruments, gaming products, vehicles, fashion, jewelry…

We’ll be selling merch from franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, Nintendo, Sanrio, Lego, Harry Potter, Star Wars… Anime and Cosplay products, Pop culture overall…

If you want to support us and you don’t want to purchase anything, feel free to go to our site and follow our social networks links.

What happened to Elliz Clothing?
My brand Elliz Clothing will continue as always, do not worry! I’ll handle both businesses.

How can I visit you?
Follow this link: www.hypelifer.com